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    Pap SmearGetting an abnormal Pap result is frightening. But when it comes to gynecologic issues, early diagnosis and treatment are crucial. It’s better to catch a potential problem early, when it can be treated most effectively.

    Cervical CancerAn abnormal Pap is usually followed by a procedure called a “colposcopy.” This is a fancy term for “looking at your cervix with a microscope.” Your doctor uses an instrument with a magnifying lens and a light to look at the opening to the uterus, called the cervix, and the vagina.

    At the Memorial Center for Menopausal Medicine, Pamela Gaudry, M.D., performs colposcopy in a warm and comforting setting designed to put you at ease. She takes the time to explain the procedure first and answer any questions you may have. If it’s necessary to remove a sample of tissue (called a cervical biopsy), she uses a local anesthetic to minimize discomfort.

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