Agency Employees

  • The information on this page is for agency employees working at Memorial Health.

    To maintain a safe, secure, and private environment for our patients, their families, and friends, we ask that all agency representatives understand and follow our policies and procedures.

    Agency employees must complete the following prior to their start date:

    An authorized representative from the employer is required to sign the agency employee Attestation Form for each agency employee on the Memorial Health campus. The form verifies that the following requirements have been met:

    • Current background check that includes a state and federal criminal history, Social Security trace, national sex offender search, HHS/OIG search, and a GSA search
    • Current drug screen by NIDA-certified lab
    • Health screening (specifics included in attestation form)
    • Verification of work history and education indicated on resume, including professional licensure and certification verification

    Please email a signed copy of the attestation form to

    If you have any questions, please call 912-350-7206.