Success Stories

  • Ed BalderEd Balder
    Ed Balder’s active 40-year career in the paper industry took a toll on his joints. For three years, he lived with the constant pain of having bone-on-bone knees.
    Mark NathanMark Nathan
    Attorney Mark Nathan of Savannah remembers the sympathetic looks he once received from co-workers as he walked through the courthouse. They would ask him if he was ok, or say, “I hope you feel better soon.”
    Jackie PerlisJackie Perlis
    Jackie Perlis is always on the go. At age 80, she cooks, dances, rides a stationary bike, swims, and keeps up with her five grandchildren. When her hips wore out and threatened to slow her down, she got a new pair.
    Rick RebellatoRick Rebellato
    Rick Rebellato grew up playing hockey in Ontario, Canada. He eventually moved to Savannah and traded his hockey stick for golf clubs. Rebellato knew that his athletic lifestyle would take a toll on his body, so he was not surprised to learn he needed hip replacement surgery. Unfortunately, there was a catch. The 58-year-old had a prior heart valve replacement and must take blood thinners every day.