Memorial Health Centers of Excellence

  • Centers of ExcellenceIn today’s healthcare environment, it’s common to hear the phrase “Center of Excellence,” when referring to a specific service. But what exactly is a Center of Excellence, and what does it mean for you?

    At Memorial Health, a service must meet strict standards for patient care and quality before we will call it a Center of Excellence. Those standards include:

    Physician Leadership – Physicians lead our Centers of Excellence and set the standards. These “physician champions” provide expertise and guidance to help our team deliver the best care and stay up to date on the most effective technology.

    Team Approach – Physicians, nurses, therapists, coordinators, educators, and case managers all work together to provide the best care. Our Centers of Excellence have steering committees made up of different medical disciplines developing processes and standards that best meet the needs of our patients.

    Clearly Defined Clinical Processes – Standardized processes and evidence-based medicine ensure that every patient in a Center of Excellence receives high-level care. Research plays a key role in establishing clinical processes. We examine data from around the country and determine what procedures, medications, and processes result in the best outcomes.

    Outcomes Driven – Our Centers of Excellence track their patient outcomes. Collecting and analyzing data on patients before and after a procedure is crucial. This data tells us how effective our treatments are and ensures that are patients are still doing well months or years after a procedure.

    Focus on the Patient and Family Experience – A Center of Excellence must provide an exceptional experience for the patient, family, and friends. Professionalism, compassion, education, and efficiency are all part of that experience.

    COE Residency Programs

    Who Designates a Center of Excellence?

    We provide high standards of care, but who determines that we have achieved Center of Excellence status? It can be determined by independent groups such as insurance providers, professional organizations such as a college of physicians, or accrediting bodies such as The Joint Commission. Each agency provides different standards and criteria that must be met in order to be called a Center of Excellence.

    COE Patient Outcomes