• Diversity | Memorial Health Savannah, GaAt Memorial University Medical Center, we believe that diversity and inclusion are necessary elements in order to be a great place to work. Having a diverse team means that we are better able to serve our patients, their families, and the community.

    We embrace our rich diversity through:

    • Diversity Recruitment: Memorial University Medical Center seeks talented individuals from a variety of backgrounds. In fact, diversity is one of the core competencies we seek in every job candidate and Team Member. We employ the best talent that brings diverse perspectives.
    • Leadership and Team Development Programs: We provide internal development opportunities to help our team continuously grow and learn. Also, through our internship programs, we help students from all backgrounds learn more about healthcare careers and Memorial University Medical Center.
    • Talent Management: Building and maintaining our leadership team is a major focus for Memorial University Medical Center. We identify, develop, and promote a diverse candidate pool for future leadership positions. We encourage our Team Members to advance within their careers, and give them the tools to do it.
    • Diversity Training: We provide training programs that help all Team Members understand some of the cultural differences they may experience. Our Team Members have access to an online program called CultureVision that teaches them how to respect the different cultures our patients may represent. In addition, interpretation services are available in more 30 languages and are primarily provided by Team Member volunteers.