Emergency & Trauma Care

  • ED Groundbreaking 01The emergency services at Memorial University Medical Center include the only Level 1 trauma center in southeast Georgia. We have more specialists on site in the middle of the night than some hospitals have in the middle of the day. That includes 24-hour intensive care specialists, anesthesiologists, trauma surgeons, and radiologists. Our board-certified emergency physicians handle more than 95,000 cases per year.

    ED Groundbreaking 03On March 12, 2014, we broke ground to begin a major two-year renovation and expansion of our emergency department. This renovation will nearly double the number of treatment rooms available. The new facility will be named Parker's Emergency and Trauma Center in honor of Parker's Convenience Stores, which donated $1 million to the expansion. We sincerely thank Greg Parker, CEO, and the entire Parker's team for their generous donation.  

    Level 1 Trauma Center

    Our trauma center is one of only four Level 1 trauma centers in the entire state of Georgia. Being designated Level 1 means that we provide the highest level of emergency care as established by the American College of Surgeons. Our trauma center serves 28 counties in Georgia and South Carolina. It is the only facility of its kind between Jacksonville, Florida, and Charleston, South Carolina.


    Emergency and Trauma Care | Memorial Health Savannah, GaLifeStar is the leading critical care air transport service in southeast Georgia and southern South Carolina. Memorial University Medical Center employs a flight team that travels with the BK 117 helicopter. The crew includes experienced registered nurses with backgrounds in critical care or emergency medicine, nationally registered flight paramedics, and military trained pilots. The crew members have received advanced training and are able to perform many lifesaving procedures in the air. LifeStar performs rescue flights for critical situations in which time is of the essence, such as car accidents, heart attacks, strokes, and premature labor. Throughout a transport, the team remains in constant contact with emergency personnel at Memorial University Medical Center.

    LifeStar covers a 150-mile radius in southeast Georgia and southern South Carolina. When called out on a rescue flight, the medical crew follows procedures designed by the emergency and trauma physicians at Memorial University Medical Center. LifeStar offers a ride-along program for medical personnel from October through April. The helicopter is owned by Omniflight Helicopters, Inc.

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