Emergency & Trauma Care

  • Growing to meet the emergency care needs of our community

    Memorial University Medical Center’s emergency department and Level 1 trauma center is expanding. Once completed, the new Parker’s Emergency & Trauma Center will have 74 treatment areas, and nearly double our current space, which means we can provide even better emergency care for our patients, families, and friends. Please pardon our progress during construction. And know that our team stands ready to provide excellent emergency care whenever you need it. Please scroll down for parking and drop-off information.

  • We apologize for the inconvenience caused by our construction. We understand that there are parking challenges, and we appreciate your patience. Please follow the signs to the emergency room drop-off area (photo 1 below). You may briefly park your car in front of the main entrance while you drop off a patient. After you’ve helped the patient inside, please move your car to the free parking on the second floor of parking deck C (photo 2). Follow the signs and painted walkway back to the emergency room to re-join your loved one (photos 3 and 4).

    Emergency Department

    Again, thank you for your patience as we expand to better serve you. The parking situation will improve as construction progresses.

    About Our Emergency Services

    The emergency services at Memorial University Medical Center include the only Level 1 trauma center in southeast Georgia. We have more specialists on site in the middle of the night than some hospitals have in the middle of the day. That includes 24-hour intensive care specialists, anesthesiologists, trauma surgeons, and radiologists. Our board-certified emergency physicians handle more than 95,000 cases per year.

    Level 1 Trauma Center

    Our trauma center is one of only five Level 1 trauma centers in the entire state of Georgia. Being designated Level 1 means that we provide the highest level of emergency care as established by the American College of Surgeons. Our trauma center serves 28 counties in Georgia and South Carolina. It is the only facility of its kind between Jacksonville, Florida, and Charleston, South Carolina.

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