• Jan CarterJan Carter
    It’s not easy to keep up with Jan Carter of Savannah. The 70-year-old works out with a personal trainer, makes beautiful creations with her knitting needles, volunteers at a local yarn shop, takes care of four cats, and spends time with her husband, Bob. She never takes her good health for granted, especially since she experienced a life-changing health scare a year ago.
    Henry HanberryHenry Hanberry
    For more than three years, Henry Hanberry of Clyo, Georgia, struggled to eat. He suffered from a rare condition called achalasia. The ring of muscle around the lower part of his esophagus would not relax, so food could not pass from his esophagus to his stomach. Instead, his food would get stuck in his esophagus, forcing him to throw up.
    Sandra HansonSandra Hanson
    Sandra Hanson of Okatie, South Carolina, spent her career advocating for the health of others. Before relocating to the Low Country, she was the director of Case Western Reserve University’s Center on Aging and Health in Cleveland. In 2011, she realized it was time to make her own health a priority.
    Libby MalphrusLibby Malphrus
    It was October 2010, and 33-year-old Libby Malphrus was juggling more than most people can handle. She was working full time as a genetic counselor for a perinatal practice, parenting a 4-year-old, balancing the demands of marriage and home life, and – perhaps most overwhelming -- helping her mother go through treatment for primary peritoneal cancer. The last thing she needed was the phone call from her gynecologist’s office stating that her recent Pap test results were abnormal.
    John SwingleJohn Swingle
    Prostate surgery barely slowed John Swingle down. The pulp and paper industry executive and engineer has already retired from one career and settled into a part-time version even in retirement. His busy schedule, not to mention the commuting distance from his Wayne County home to advanced treatment facilities at Memorial University Medical Center in Savannah, was a factor in the decisions he made concerning his treatment. His urologist, Michael Cox, M.D., presented several treatment choices.
    Lisa VaughnLisa Vaughn
    The 41-year-old Hinesville mom and her husband are raising four sons, ranging in age from 6 to 15. Vaughn also works as a parent mentor for the Liberty County Board of Education. Her life is so busy that for a long time, she ignored the health issues that made her uncomfortable – acid reflux, hot flashes, low energy, and frequent diarrhea. She assumed the symptoms were just part of aging and stress. That all changed during a routine appointment with her primary care doctor.