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    Non-Surgical Procedures

    The Memorial Center for Menopausal Medicine does not perform surgical procedures. However, if surgery is necessary, we will help you find a gynecologic surgeon.

    Our physician, Pamela Gaudry, M.D., performs the following non-surgical procedures in the office.


    If you are experiencing unusual bleeding, bleeding after menopause, or unusual bumps, lesions, or skin changes on the vagina or vulva, you may need a biopsy. This entails removing a small sample of tissue that will be sent to a pathologist and checked for unusual cells, cancer, or other issues.

    Pamela Gaudry, M.D., performs biopsy in our office. Before your procedure, she will explain everything to you, including what to expect before, during, and after the biopsy. She will keep you warm and comfortable throughout the procedure. She will also use a numbing medication or local anesthetic to make the biopsy as painless as possible. For more information, contact the Memorial Center for Menopausal Medicine