A fall that leads to a broken hip can happen in an instant, but it can change your whole life. The Memorial Health Hip Fracture Program is dedicated to providing rapid care to minimize complications and help you return to a fulfilling, independent lifestyle.

Immediate Surgery

Most patients with a hip fracture arrive at Memorial Health University Medical Center through our emergency department. Our emergency team immediately assesses the situation and notifies our orthopaedic surgery team. We arrange for you to have surgery within 24 hours. It’s important that we repair the hip quickly so that you are not in pain. After surgery, most people only require mild or over-the-counter pain medication. When your pain is controlled, you are able to think clearly, make decisions, and begin the healing process.

Physical Therapy

Our patients begin physical therapy and movement within a day of surgery. A specially trained physical therapist teaches you how to use a walker and how to increase your strength through exercise. An occupational therapist helps you learn how to perform daily activities such as dressing, bathing, and simple household tasks. Therapy continues throughout your hospital stay and your recuperation at home, or if needed, at a rehabilitation or skilled nursing facility.

Your Hospital Stay

Our Hip Fracture Program features rooms that are specially designed for hip-fracture recovery. They include orthopaedic recliners and safety equipment to help you move from the bed to a sitting position. While you are here, we will make your stay as comfortable as possible. You are encouraged to wear your own clothing rather than a hospital gown. You will have access to meals, newspapers, and television. We encourage family and friends to visit and help you through the recovery process.

At Memorial Health University Medical Center, we practice patient and family centered care. That means you and your loved ones will be treated with dignity and respect, you will be kept informed about your condition, and you will be part of the decision-making process.

Recovery and Moving On

A hip fracture is a major traumatic event for your body. It requires a slow and steady recovery that can take anywhere from three to six months. Be patient and give your body time to heal. After surgery, you will use a walker for a period of time. As you become stronger and more mobile, you will take on new tasks until you are well enough to live independently. Keep in mind that healing and recovery times vary with each person. Your physician and therapists will provide support and encouragement throughout the recovery process.