Types of Neurosurgery

  • Neurosurgery is a branch of surgery that treats conditions and diseases of the brain and nervous system. The Memorial Health Neurosurgery Center specializes in all types of brain and spinal cord disorders, including the following:

    Brain Tumors

    Brain tumors are abnormal growths of cells that start in the brain. There are many types of tumors that can form in the brain. The type you have depends on which cells have become abnormal. Brain tumors that happen in childhood can be very different from adult brain tumors. Learn more about brain tumors and brain tumor surgery.


    This procedure involves surgically removing a section of bone from the skull in order to access the brain. The bone flap is replaced at the end of the surgery. A craniotomy may be necessary for the treatment of brain tumors, hematomas, aneurysms, skull fractures, swelling of the brain, or infections. Learn more about craniotomy

    Ventricular Shunt

    This procedure involves surgically implanting a device to relieve pressure on the brain caused by excess cerebrospinal fluid. Cerebrospinal fluid can build up in the brain due to overproduction, poor absorption by the blood vessels, or blockages that prevent fluid from flowing throughout the brain. Learn more about shunts in the brain

    Spine Surgery

    Surgical TeamSurgery on the spinal column may be necessary to repair an injury or correct a deformity. Procedures such as fusions, discectomies, laminectomies, and disc replacements are often done through our Memorial Health Spine Surgery Center. Within our Neurosurgery Center, we specialize in spinal cord injuries, fractures, tumors, and nerve blocks

    Endovascular Neurosurgery

    The term “endovascular” means inside the blood vessels. These less-invasive procedures are used to treat problems affecting the blood vessels such as aneurysms, arteriovenous malformations, carotid artery disease, and stroke. Learn more about endovascular neurosurgery

    Pediatric Neurosurgery

    The Memorial Health Neurosurgery Center is the home of the region’s only children’s neurosurgeon. Willard Thompson, MD., works in the Memorial Health Dwaine & Cynthia Willett Children's Hospital of Savannah and specializes in tumors of the brain or spine, congenital malformations of the brain or spine, and head injuries

    Traumatic Injuries

    Memorial Health University Medical Center is the home of the region's only Level 1 trauma center. Because a trauma can affect any person at any time, we have a neurosurgeon and a trauma operating room available around the clock, 365 days a year. Learn more about traumatic injuries