Memorial Health
April 10, 2024

Memorial Health announced today that it has been recognized as a 2024 Patient Safety Excellence Award™ recipient by Healthgrades, the leading resource consumers use to find a hospital or doctor. This achievement, along with numerous other accolades from Healthgrades for spine surgery, pacemaker and defibrillator procedures, GI surgery and sepsis, reflect Memorial Health’s dedication to providing a safe, high quality care experience for all patients. 

“Patient safety is a top priority for all of us at Memorial Health. Our goal is to provide safe, high-quality, compassionate care for every patient,” said Brad Talbert, Memorial Health Chief Executive Officer. “We focus on patient safety every day and we are honored to be recognized by Healthgrades with the 2024 Patient Safety Excellence Award.” 

To determine the nation’s premier hospitals for patient safety, Healthgrades evaluated risk-adjusted complication and mortality rates for approximately 4,500 hospitals nationwide. Healthgrades’ analysis revealed marked declines in patient safety, particularly among the nation’s lowest-performing hospitals. As a result, patients who seek care at hospitals receiving the 2024 Patient Safety Excellence Award have a significantly lower risk of experiencing one of the four leading patient safety indicators than patients treated at non-recipient hospitals: 

  • In-hospital fall resulting in fracture (approximately 52% less likely)*
  • Collapsed lung due to a procedure or surgery in or around the chest (approximately 56% less likely)*
  • Pressure sores or bed sores acquired in the hospital (approximately 67% less likely)*
  • Catheter-related bloodstream infections acquired in the hospital (approximately 71% less likely)* 

“We’re proud to recognize Memorial Health for their commitment to ensuring a best-in-class hospital stay for all patients,” said Brad Bowman, MD, chief medical officer and head of data sciences at Healthgrades. “Memorial Health’s success demonstrates the importance of patient safety and we look forward to their continued leadership in this critical area of patient care.” 

Where you’re treated matters, which is why Healthgrades is committed to providing the most scientifically accurate information about doctors and hospitals–with data insights not available anywhere else. To learn more about how Healthgrades measures hospital quality, visit

*Statistics are calculated from Healthgrades Patient Safety Ratings and Excellence Award Methodology, which is based primarily on AHRQ technical specifications (Version 2023.0.1) to MedPAR data from approximately 4,500 hospitals for years 2020 through 2022 and represent three-year estimates for Medicare patients only.