Memorial Health
September 04, 2020

Next generation system requires fewer incisions and will benefit urology surgery patients

Savannah, GA - September is Prostate Cancer Awareness Month and Memorial Health is pleased to be the first hospital in Georgia to perform urological surgery using the innovative single port (SP) robotic surgery system. This new surgical robot will be used in its first procedure, a prostate surgery, on Friday, September 4.

The SP robotic surgery system allows the surgeon to perform complex surgeries with a small, single incision, making the procedures even more minimally invasive. At this time, the SP is FDA approved for urologic and ENT surgeries.

“Traditional prostate surgery techniques require larger incisions and can result in increased post-operative pain and side effects,” said urologist Dr. Michael Cox. “Being able to perform prostate surgery in a less invasive procedure will help provide the best possible patient outcomes.”

Memorial Health launched its robotics program in 2010 and continues to be a leader in bringing the latest robotic technology to our region. Earlier this year, the hospital launched a new robotic-assisted bronchoscopy platform for early detection of lung cancer as well as a new surgical robot for custom knee replacements. In May 2019, Memorial celebrated the one-year anniversary of its dedicated Minimally Invasive Surgery Center. Surgeons have now performed more than 2,100 robotic procedures in these surgical suites.

“Robotic-assisted surgery offers many benefits for patients,” said Dr. Oliver Whipple, bariatric surgeon and President of the Medical Staff. “In our experience, patients who have had robotic surgery experience less pain, shorter recovery times, and improved outcomes.”

“We’re excited to have this new surgery system for our patients. It shows our continued commitment to bring the latest technology to our region,” said Cox.