Memorial Health
July 02, 2020

Memorial Health now offers a new robotic-assisted technology for total knee replacement surgeries. This system helps the surgeon optimize accuracy and efficiency when planning and performing total knee replacement procedures. Memorial Health is the first healthcare system in Georgia to make this technology available to patients.

"The robotic technology helps to create a personalized surgery plan specific to each patient's anatomy," said Dr. Jonathan Christy, orthopedic surgeon. "We're excited to be the first in Georgia to offer this innovative procedure for our knee replacement patients."

The robotic system uses x-rays taken prior to the surgery to create a 3D virtual image of the patient's knee. The surgeon uses the system to develop a surgical plan that can be accurately performed with guidance from the system's robotic arm. While the surgeon performs the procedure, the system assists the surgeon in implant placement; it also allows the surgeon to adjust the plan in real time based on the patient's unique knee anatomy.

"During the procedure, the robotic system adjusts to slight movements of the patient's leg. This ensures the surgery is performed precisely according to the plan," said Dr. Christy.

The robotic-assisted knee replacement technology is the latest in Memorial Health's ongoing commitment to innovative technologies. Earlier this month, the thoracic oncology team began using robotic-assisted bronchoscopy for early detection of lung cancer. In May, Memorial celebrated the one-year anniversary of its dedicated robotics surgery center.