• From Sunday through Thursday night, an upper-level resident (PGY-3 or 4), a second-year resident, and an intern rotate on night float, making the total in-house team three residents.
  • Our interns and PGY-2 residents are on call on weekends, alternating between a 24-hour Saturday call and a Friday night/Sunday day 12-hour call.
  • Weekends consist of a three-resident team: one intern (see intern schedule below), a second-year, and a chief (PGY-3 or 4). The gyn-oncology chief hands over the oncology pager throughout the week to the night float, and rounds on the oncology service when on his/her own weekend call. The weekend team covers gyn-oncology patients when the gyn-oncology chief has the weekend off.

During the December holidays, the call schedule is covered by a “mega rounds” schedule. Residents have seven days on and seven days off. Residents work either day or night shifts.

Participation in research is encouraged. One research project is mandatory and is presented orally at the end of the PGY-4 year as a grand rounds presentation.