Contact Phone Number Email
William Hannah, MD
Executive Director of Medical Education
Designated Institutional Official
(912) 350-3543 Email William Hannah, MD
Joye Letourneau
Conference Services
(912) 350-2663 Email Joye Letourneau
Jean Wiggins
Continuing Medical Education
(912) 350-8168 Email Jean Wiggins
Antoinette McDonough
Diagnostic Radiology Residency Program
(912) 350-7394 Email Antoinette McDonough
Joanne Warman
Family Medicine Residency Program
1 (800) 854-2510
(912) 350-8838
Email Joanne Warman
Gina McNamara
Graduate Medical Education
(912) 350-8715 Email Gina McNamara
Kelli Lemieux
Medical Student Electives
(912) 721-8186 Email Kelli Lemieux
Toni L. Garza
Obstetrics and Gynecology Residency Program
(912) 350-3595 Email Toni L. Garza
Deborah Chapman
Pediatrics Residency Program
(912) 350-8193 Email Deborah Chapman
Jason Lin, Pharm.D
Pharmacy Practice Residency Program
(for PGY-1 inquiries)
(912) 350-3241 Email Jason Lin, Pharm.D
Stephanie Lesslie, Pharm. D.
Pharmacy Practice Residency Program
(for PGY-2 inquiries)
(912) 350-0117 Email Stephanie Lesslie, Pharm. D.
Debbie Wells
Surgery Residency Program
(912) 350-8598 Email Debbie Wells
Shauntelle Brown
Internal Medicine Residency Program Coordinator
(912) 350-7573 Email Shauntelle Brown