Success Stories

  • The Arnett FamilyThe Arnett Family
    Missy Arnett learned she was pregnant the day before she and her husband boarded a Caribbean cruise – she just didn’t know how pregnant. Later, at her first ultrasound, she heard, "Oh my! There's way more than one!”
    The Milmine FamilyThe Milmine Family
    Lauren Milmine is an identical twin herself, so she and her husband had entertained the thought that she might be carrying twins. However, as it turned out, it was twins – plus one.
    The Trousdale FamilyThe Trousdale Family
    An unexplained, alarming drop in her blood platelets two months after her first child was born left Mindela Trousdale in a nightmare situation: her husband was newly deployed to a war zone, her family was miles away in Texas, and she needed to be hospitalized immediately.
    The Westbrook-Baiad FamilyThe Westbrook-Baiad Family
    Anne Allen Westbrook was excited to be expecting her second child. But she wanted a better birth experience this time. Her first child was delivered via C-section, and she wanted to have this one naturally.