High-risk pregnancy care in Savannah, Georgia

Having a baby is an exciting, joyful time. Along with that happiness may come some uncertainty about what to expect. If you and your baby need specialty care, our talented, experienced team at Memorial Health is here to support you with state-of-the-art technology and doctors experienced in treating and managing high-risk pregnancies.

We support you throughout your pregnancy, from early in the prenatal phase, during labor and delivery and continuing through the postpartum stage. We offer the expertise of highly skilled maternal-fetal doctors and nurses, neonatologists and OB/GYN physicians to provide the highest quality of care and safety for you and your baby.

When pregnancy is considered "high risk"

A high-risk pregnancy is where the mother or the baby has an increased risk of adverse outcomes during pregnancy or labor and delivery. A high-risk pregnancy could be caused by a preexisting condition or an illness or injury during your pregnancy.

Some factors that can cause your pregnancy to be considered high risk include:

  • Age
  • Weight
  • Number of babies in your womb (twins, triplets, etc.)
  • Chronic conditions
  • Complications with previous pregnancies

It is necessary to schedule regular check-ups with your OB/GYN throughout your pregnancy. In doing so, any potential risk factors can quickly be addressed and monitored.

Having your child later in life

The primary determining risk factor for your pregnancy is age. 35 years old or older is considered advanced maternal age.

Advanced maternal age is the leading cause of chromosomal abnormalities in babies, such as Down’s syndrome, Klinefelter syndrome and Turner syndrome. Advanced maternal age also carries a strong potential for causing the parent to develop gestational diabetes and gestational hypertension.

While there are some difficulties presented in having children at 35 years old and older, there are many positive aspects to having your child later in life, including the likelihood of being more emotionally prepared and seeing a boost in life expectancy.

Our team of experts is committed to helping you and your child stay safe throughout your pregnancy, delivery and postpartum experiences, no matter what stage of life you are in.

Advanced care for high-risk pregnancies

The specialists at our family birth center have extensive training in caring for expectant mothers who are at a higher risk for complications during pregnancy or the delivery. They have experience diagnosing and treating genetic anomalies, multiple pregnancies (twins, triplets, etc.) and serious health conditions for the mother or baby. Our healthcare providers work closely with you, ensuring they have a full understanding of your needs and risks. If you think your pregnancy may be high risk, talk with your obstetrician about your questions and concerns.

Our hospital prioritizes your health and comfort during your time with us. On site, we offer comfortable rooms to stay in should you require close monitoring prior to the baby’s birth.

Perinatal navigation

Navigating a high-risk pregnancy can feel overwhelming. We treat your pregnancy and delivery as a collaborative effort. To provide the safest possible outcome for you and your baby, our perinatal navigator partners with you, your family, your obstetrician and your team of specialists. They work to ensure you receive the necessary support and specialized education for your unique pregnancy journey.

Your perinatal navigator is your central point of contact throughout your pregnancy. They coordinate appointments with specialists, facilitate communication between you and your doctors, advocate for your and your baby’s wellness and offer any resources and emotional support you need. Through our commitment to providing high-quality, family-centered pregnancy and delivery experiences, we are here to support you every step of the way.

To enlist the services of our Perinatal Navigator for your high-risk patients, please use the following contact information: email us or (912) 944-5319.