Why does GenerationOne offer the Rx Savings Plus pharmacy discount plan?

Rx Savings Plus offers a 12 to 35 percent discount off the cost of your prescriptions. Rx Savings Plus also offers a mail-order plan that has even greater discounts.

Is there any membership fee associated with the pharmacy discount card?

The only cost is your annual GenerationOne membership dues of $15 per year.

I already have a prescription drug plan. Can I use the card for additional discounts?

No. If you currently have insurance that offers a prescription plan, discounts cannot be combined. You should use your current insurance plan.

How do I use the card?

When having your prescription filled or refilled, simply present your GenerationOne membership card to the pharmacist at participating pharmacies. The pharmacist will process your prescription and the discount that applies.

Which pharmacies participate?

The Rx Savings Plus pharmacy network includes many of the country's leading pharmacy chains, as well as thousands of independently owned stores. You can search for a pharmacy by zip code on the Rx Savings Plus website.

I do not live in Savannah. Can I still receive the pharmacy discount?

Yes. Rx Savings Plus is accepted at thousands of pharmacies nationwide. You may call Rx Savings Plus customer service at 1 (877) 673-3688 for a location near you. Or, visit Rx Savings Plus website for a complete list of pharmacies.

Can I order my prescriptions through the mail?

Yes. Using the mail-order form for medicines you take on a routine basis will save you even more money. Call the GenerationOne office at (912) 350-7587 and we will mail the forms to you.

Can I order my prescriptions on the Internet?

Yes. Access the Rx Savings Plus website and follow the directions to order refills online.

I have a pharmacy plan already. Why do I need this card?

The card is also your GenerationOne membership card. It will give you access to the GenerationOne merchant discount plan and other activities.

Does this card expire?

The card expires if you do not renew your GenerationOne membership and pay the $15 dues each year.