Hospitalists are internal medicine or family medicine physicians who specialize in caring for people in the hospital. They do not have outpatient practices. The hospitalists team at Memorial Health University Medical Center includes nurse practitioners, physician assistants, and a clinical support team.

If your primary care doctor requests it, your hospitalist will take charge of your hospital care. He or she will regularly update your primary care doctor about your health, progress, and any significant findings. Your hospitalist will work with your primary care doctor to prepare a treatment plan at the time of admission. When you leave the hospital, your hospitalist will inform your primary care doctor of any further treatment needs, follow-up care, and necessary prescriptions.

Benefits of Being Cared for by a Hospitalist

  • A hospitalist will visit you every day.
  • A member of our hospitalists team is available and present at Memorial Health University Medical Center 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.
  • A hospitalist will communicate with nurses, case management, and other physicians to help you heal faster.
  • There is potential for a shorter hospital stay when a hospitalist is involved.