Strength for Survivors is a program for cancer survivors and people receiving cancer treatment. The program is offered by FitnessOne at Memorial Health University Medical Center.

Strength for Survivors incorporates therapies that can help relieve pain and stress while rebuilding strength and energy levels. The program is specially tailored to each participant’s needs and includes personal fitness training, yoga, Pilates, and massage therapy.

Strength for Survivors strives to:

  • Help people with cancer cope with treatment-related side effects
  • Create an environment where people with cancer can take an active role in their recovery
  • Provide medically based fitness to facilitate recovery
  • Further our knowledge of cancer recovery through education and research
  • Keep people motivated, informed, and involved
For more information, please call (912) 350-9031.

Personal Training/Fitness

Exercise can decrease fatigue, stress, anxiety, and depression. It can also lesson the severity of treatment-related side effects, while increasing muscular strength, stamina, and flexibility. We offer one-on-one training with a certified personal trainer.

30 minutes

  • $20
  • Package of 10: $160

60 minutes

  • $35
  • Package of 10: $300


Yoga can help restore range of motion, relieve tension, and bring a sense of calm and well-being into your life. Regular practice can help control pain and discomfort. You may schedule a private yoga session with a registered instructor. Those who participate in our personal fitness training program may attend group yoga classes at no charge.

60-minute private sessions

  • $30

Follow-up 30-minute private session

  • $15


When practiced faithfully, Pilates yields numerous benefits, including increased lung capacity and core strength. Posture, balance, and joint health also improve. Our Pilates reformer classes are offered in a series of four weeks (eight classes), with each week progressively building on the previous week. Before participating, you will attend a complimentary 30-minute equipment orientation.

Pilates reformer classes

  • $144 ($18 per class)

60-minute private Instruction

  • $45
  • Package of 10: $380

Massage Therapy

Research has shown that massage therapy may help reduce depression and anxiety while increasing levels of dopamine, serotonin, natural killer cells, and lymphocytes. Massage therapy may also increase immune function, while reducing pain and anxiety.

30 minutes

  • $30

60 minutes

  • $50

Strength for Survivors participants can join FitnessOne for a reduced rate of $25 per month. If you are interested in any of our services, please contact your physician or rehab specialist for a referral.