Memorial Health
November 09, 2021

Savannah, Georgia – Many companies are now offering enhanced wellness benefits for their employees, usually as part of their health insurance package. This is in response to opportunities identified during the COVID-19 pandemic. These newly available benefits may include healthy living resources, mental health and wellbeing support, fitness offerings, weight loss programs and even bariatric surgery. Now, as employees around the US are enrolling in their 2022 health plans, it’s important for employees to be aware of the benefits that are now available.

Bariatric surgery, or weight loss surgery, can help patients experiencing obesity reach a healthy weight and improve their overall wellbeing. Memorial Health has the only comprehensive bariatric surgery program in Savannah. Our accredited bariatrics program can provide dramatic weight loss, increased confidence in physical appearance and mental health benefits. 

“Obesity is one of the leading health issues in the US,” said Dr. Oliver Whipple, bariatric surgeon. “Being overweight can increase someone’s risk for many other health conditions including heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and more.” 

The criteria for bariatric surgery is very straightforward and is from the National Institute of Health, based on body mass index (BMI). Individuals with a BMI of 40 or more are candidates for weight loss surgery. Patients with a BMI between 35-40 and have either high blood pressure, diabetes or sleep apnea are also candidates.

“The best candidates are people who are ready and committed to make a change,” said Dr. Robert Kelly, bariatric surgeon. "Bariatric surgery is more than an operation. The patient must also commit to making lifestyle changes that benefit their health for years to come."

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