Memorial Health
January 17, 2023

Memorial Health Meadows Hospital is proud to announce it has been recertified by DNV Healthcare as an Acute Stroke Ready Center, affirming the hospital’s readiness to handle strokes and stroke-related medical problems.

“I’m so proud of our team for earning the Acute Stroke Ready Certification,” said Matt Hasbrouck, CEO. “This certification demonstrates our commitment to bring high-quality healthcare closer to home for our patients in Toombs and surrounding counties.”

The advantage of an Acute Stroke Ready certified program is that these stroke centers usually serve communities where access to a larger, more equipped hospital is too far for patients to reach in limited time. We know that Time is Brain; the faster a patient can get to a certified stroke center, the faster the patient will be diagnosed and treated. Saving this valuable time is known to decrease complications of a stroke.

“This certification lets our community know that we have the resources and commitment to provide the best possible stroke care,” says Dr. Jason Bunn, medical director for the emergency department at Meadows Hospital. “It’s a combination of the right equipment, personnel and training to quickly assess, identify and treat strokes quickly. This includes the ability to efficiently transfer patients in the instances they require treatment beyond our capabilities. Achieving certification validates the tremendous effort we have put into this program, ensuring the health and safety of our patients.”

The DNV Acute Stroke Ready (ASR) Certification is derived from evidenced-based standards set forth by the Brain Attack Coalition and the American Stroke Association, and affirms that — Meadows Hospital addresses the initial diagnosis, initial treatment and when necessary, facilitates quick transfer to a specialized stroke center with a higher spectrum of stroke care.

“Achieving certification shows a commitment to excellence,” says Kelly Proctor, President of DNV Healthcare USA Inc. “It helps demonstrate to your community that you are providing the highest level of care that this hospital is designed to offer.”

According to the American Stroke Association, stroke is a leading cause of death, killing nearly 130,000 people each year, and is a leading cause of serious, long-term adult disability. Because stroke or “brain attack” effects blood flow to the brain, rapid and effective treatment can save lives and provide the best chance of limiting the extent of long-term damage.