The Memorial Health Gulfstream Children's Wellness Program and Center works to prevent and treat obesity in children and adolescents. Learn how we can help your family achieve a healthy lifestyle.

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To schedule an appointment, speak with our dietitians or participate in our weight management program, please call (912) 350-6600.

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Excess weight and obesity are serious health threats in our country. Together, they represent the second leading preventable cause of death in the U.S. Being overweight and being obese are not the same thing. They are categorized by body mass index or BMI. Treating excess weight or obesity in a child can significantly improve a child’s long-term health and help him or her maintain a healthy weight as an adult.

The Memorial Health Gulfstream Children’s Wellness Program and Center helps families address childhood weight issues.

Getting started

If you are concerned about your child’s weight or any weight-related issues, you should first discuss them with your child’s doctor. Children with pre-diabetes or liver problems related to weight can improve their health with weight loss. Your doctor may refer you to our children’s wellness program. To enroll in our program, you must have a physician’s referral.

Your doctor can make a referral by calling (912) 350-6600.

Our program

All aspects of our program are family focused, because we know your child will be more successful if the entire family is making healthy lifestyle choices. Your doctor may want your family to meet with our dietitian to learn more about healthy eating. Our dietitian will teach you about menu planning, grocery shopping and preparing meals that nourish the body while also supporting weight loss. Some families benefit from simply meeting with a dietitian.

Our team is passionate about goal-setting and we will ask your child to establish specific health goals. We believe your child will have more motivation and success if he/she is willing and excited to make lifestyle changes.

Your family will meet regularly with our team, work toward your diet and exercise goals and measure your success for one year. When you commit to the program, you are committing to improving your child’s future health. It is not easy, but it is worth it.

For our community

Our children’s wellness team is passionate about preventing childhood obesity and teaching healthy weight management. You’ll often see us at health fairs and schools. We want to reach as many families as we can. If you know of an event that would benefit from our team’s presence and education, contact us at (912) 350-6600 or email

Through the program, we partner with Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta’s Strong4Life program to train healthcare providers, educators, school cafeteria managers and other people who care for our youth.

Strong4Life's school nutrition program

School cafeteria workers receive training to create healthier environments in the lunchroom. Simple changes such as asking, “would you like broccoli or carrots today?” instead of, “would you like a vegetable today?” can make a difference. Our registered dietitians teach schools how to implement the principles of the Smarter Lunchrooms Movement.

Nutrition in the classroom

Our children’s wellness team loves to teach healthy habits. We visit PTA meetings and classrooms and work with school nurses and teachers to share ideas for healthy snacking, smart fundraising and healthier school celebrations. Request a presentation at your school or event.