The nursing residency program at Memorial Health University Medical Center is designed to develop the professional nurse. New graduates begin the year-long program with a validation of skills and documentation training. Each month's didactic focuses on a specific area of professional nursing development, from evidence-based practice to ethics and end-of-life issues. Upon completion of the program, the nurse is prepared to be a professional, compassionate caregiver.

Please contact Monica Stancil, nurse recruiter, for further information.

Tammie Browning, R.N., Assistant Nurse Manager

Vascular Center of Excellence

Tammie Browning

I came to Memorial Health as an "experienced nurse" but quickly realized I was not as "experienced" as I thought. In my first year at Memorial, I learned more than I had learned in nursing school and the previous 10 years as a nurse. Now I am going on 14 years in the emergency department. Memorial has a strong teaching environment that will continually challenge you to grow and become more proficient in all aspects of nursing.

Amy Marcy, R.N.

Orthopaedic Trauma Unit

Amy Marcy

My Memorial Health journey started on the orthopaedics and trauma unit as an R.N. My passion for nursing has only grown since joining the Memorial Health team. I am now the assistant nurse manger of orthopaedics/trauma and can see the impact I make on my team and patients each and every day.

Catherine Sauers, R.N., Nurse Manager

Patient Care Resource Management

Catherine Sauers

Memorial’s nurse residency program provided a seamless transition from school to bedside nursing. A lot of the information I learned in school - from pharmacology to nursing procedures and professionalism - was reinforced during my residency. It really encourages you to learn and grow while boosting your confidence as a newly graduated nurse.

Donna Scott, R.N., Manager for Strategic Programs

Spine Surgery and Joint Replacement

Donna Scott

After working in medical, surgical and critical care for 16 years, I decided to join the management team on orthopaedics. It’s a hard job, but at the same time, it's extremely rewarding. The fact that Memorial Health is a teaching hospital is what first brought me here. The high level of care delivered and amazing teamwork I witness on a daily basis are what keep me here.

Keith Dawson, R.N., Nurse Educator

Emergency Department

Keith Dawson

My Memorial Health journey started as a PRN PCT/sitter while I was a student at Armstrong. As a retired United States Army command sergeant major, I had no idea what to expect from nursing. I was hired to the emergency department, did the residency, started precepting others a year later, and now serve as the department’s nurse educator. I'm doing my best to develop the next group of new residents.

Frequently asked questions

Please visit our careers site to apply online.
The human resources team at Memorial Health recruits top talent across all disciplines and from all eligible applications. Hiring is handled in accordance with the federal guidelines set forth by the EEOC and Department of Labor. We strive to ensure all applicants receive notification via email or phone.
No. Our system does not allow users to update a resume after submission. You must wait to submit your updated resume when you apply to another job vacancy.
New graduates and residents are not eligible for relocation assistance for the residency program. Approval may be considered on a case-by-case basis and must be pre-approved by nursing leadership.
No, we do not have a nursing school program. However, we partner with local colleges and universities to assist with teaching and training.
Yes, we hire new graduates for our residency program, which requires a work agreement. This commitment ensures job security, an opportunity to acquire years of dedicated training and clinical education, and the ability to solidify your foundation as a registered nurse in a Level I trauma center.
This is a paid residency. Your rate of pay will be determined based upon your status at hire.
You can begin employment as a student patient care tech (PCT) until you obtain your license and can transition into the nursing residency program. Upon receiving your Georgia license, you will be promoted to staff R.N. status.
Please email questions to Monica Stancil, nurse recruiter.