For more information about our Heart Clinic, call (912) 350-BEAT (2328).

The Memorial Health Heart Clinic helps people with congestive heart failure manage their condition and improve their quality of life. Anyone diagnosed with heart failure is welcome to attend an initial visit and consultation. Further enrollment in the Heart Clinic requires an order from your physician. We will assist you in contacting your doctor for consent to participate.

If you have been admitted to the hospital recently, the inpatient heart failure team will provide you with information about the clinic. Appointments to the Heart Clinic are given within seven days of being discharged from the hospital.

Our highly specialized team will work with you to manage your symptoms and achieve the best possible health. Your team will include:

  • A board-certified cardiologist who oversees the clinic and will help manage your care.
  • A nurse practitioner trained in heart failure who will closely monitor your health and prescribe changes in your medication or treatment. Your nurse practitioner will communicate with your referring physician regarding your progress and any issues that may occur.
  • A clinical pharmacist will review your medications and assist with any medication concerns.
  • A registered dietitian will provide education about dietary changes such as reducing sodium and fluid intake. Your dietitian will also assist with weight management if needed.
  • A social worker will assist and provide guidance for home care, such as transportation or community resources.
  • You and your loved ones are also essential members of the team.


In 2017, our heart failure treatment was ranked in the Top 10 Percent in the Nation for Medical Excellence and in the Top 10 Percent in the Nation for Patient Safety by CareChex® -- an information service of Quantros, Inc. To learn more, visit

Heart Top 10 Medical Excellence
Heart Top 10 Patient Safety