Our respiratory care team works with patients to assess, treat, prevent, manage, control, and evaluate respiratory diseases. The team also provides education about specific conditions.

The respiratory care team includes respiratory therapists who are uniquely trained to treat cardiopulmonary conditions. The services they offer include:

  • Obtaining and analyzing sputum and breath specimens
  • Analyzing blood specimens to determine levels of oxygen, carbon dioxide, and other gases
  • Interpreting the data obtained from specimens
  • Measuring lung capacity to determine if there is impaired function
  • Performing stress tests and other studies of the cardiopulmonary system
  • Studying and treating disorders of people with disruptive sleep patterns
  • Operating and maintaining highly sophisticated equipment to administer oxygen
  • Using mechanical ventilation for people who cannot breathe adequately on their own
  • Monitoring and managing therapy that helps people recover lung function
  • Administering medications to help alleviate breathing problems and to help prevent respiratory infections
  • Monitoring equipment and patient responses to therapy
  • Conducting rehabilitation activities, such as low-impact aerobic exercise classes, to help patients who suffer from chronic lung problems
  • Maintaining a person’s artificial airway, one that may be in place to help somebody who can't breathe through normal means
  • Conducting smoking cessation programs