Joint replacement is the process of surgically replacing a damaged joint with a synthetic joint made of metal, plastic, or ceramic. Joint replacement can eliminate pain and restore movement. Joint replacement is beneficial for people with pain that is so severe it limits their ability to walk, work, or perform simple activities.

Joint replacement is only recommended after careful diagnosis. There are other medical alternatives for joint problems, including arthroscopic or microscopic surgery, anti-inflammatory drugs, or cortisone injections. However, joint replacement is often the most effective long-term solution. You should discuss all of your options with your physician before making a decision.

At Memorial Health Bone & Joint, we specialize in:

Before joint replacement surgery, we recommend you make the following preparations:

  • Attend one of the pre-surgical classes held every week at Memorial Health University Medical Center.
  • Pack comfortable, loose-fitting clothes, such as shorts and t-shirts for therapy sessions.
  • Bring a detailed list of your medications.
  • Notify your insurance company and verify your health insurance benefits.
  • Arrange for transportation from Memorial Health University Medical Center to your home.
  • Make meals in advance and stock up on foods that are easy to prepare.
  • Tape down rug corners and electrical cords and make sure walkways are clear.
  • Place regularly used items at arm-level.
  • Pre-fill any prescriptions you may need after surgery.
  • Follow your pre-operative instructions.
  • Begin doing exercises to strengthen your upper body and the leg that is not having surgery.
If you have any questions or concerns, call your physician's office or contact Memorial Health Bone & Joint at (912) 350-9676.