The Memorial Health Dwaine & Cynthia Willett Children's Hospital of Savannah is the home of the region's only high-level neonatal intensive care nursery (NICN). Our 64-bed NICN is a Level III facility. That means we provide the most advanced care, we have neonatal doctors available around the clock, and we are prepared to care for the most critically ill babies.

Our NICN cares for premature newborns and infants in need of special medical or surgical attention. The neonatal team includes board-certified doctors, resident physicians, nurses, respiratory therapists, case workers, and our own neonatal pharmacists. They work together to provide exceptional neonatal critical care.

We have a specially trained emergency transport team and an ambulance outfitted with properly sized equipment to transport premature and critically ill babies to our hospital. We transport more than 350 infants to our NICN each year from a 24-county region throughout southeast Georgia.

Should your baby require care in our NICN, we will work closely with you to teach you about your baby’s condition and special needs. We want parents to be actively involved in the care of their newborns. Depending on your baby’s condition, we will encourage you to hold, feed, rock, and cuddle your newborn as much as possible throughout the NICN stay.