Can we bring a favorite pillow, blanket, or stuffed animal to the hospital?

Yes, you are welcome to bring something special from home. Please be sure to put your name on it.

Can siblings who are not in the hospital play in the playroom?

No, the playroom is only for children who are staying at the Memorial Health Dwaine & Cynthia Willett Children's Hospital of Savannah. However, we would be happy to bring some toys or a video to the hospitalized child’s room for siblings to enjoy.

What are the policies on videos and video games in the hospital?

We have a selection of age-appropriate videos for children age 2 and over. We also have video games for children age 4 and over.

When does the doctor visit?

Our doctors typically do their rounds and check on all of their patients early in the morning. However, resident physicians, nurses, or other experts are available to answer your questions or deal with problems that may arise any time during the day.

How will we know who our nurse is?

Your nurse will meet with you each day and write his or her name and cell phone number on a board in your room. A respiratory therapist will also visit and give you contact information.

When will we be able to go home?

Although we enjoy seeing you, we also want you to be able to go home as quickly as possible. Your doctor will decide when you are well enough to leave. We will try to get you home early in the day. Before discharge, a nurse will meet with the parents or caregivers to go over care instructions. We will then call an escort to walk you to your car and assist you with your belongings.